Austin Air Purifiers: Built for Families

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The leadership at Austin Air Purifiers is intimately acquainted with the suffering caused by respiratory distress and asthma. After watching helplessly while family members endured treatment after treatment, and searched for help from one physician after another, the Austin Air purifier became a reality. Austin Air researchers analyzed hospital strategies for maintaining clean rooms and respiratory isolation rooms, and created a medical grade HEPA air purifier that is effectively cleaning the air in homes around the world.

HEPA filters were developed during World War II in the 1940’s. The Manhattan project that eventually gave the world the atomic bomb developed HEPA filters because they needed a means of filtering the air in clean rooms for the researchers of the day. Information about the HEPA filtration system was de-classified during the 1950’s and the HEPA trademark was born. HEPA filters are the best filters available today.

The search for a product that would create a healthy living environment began with the design of the true medical grade HEPA filtration system. Austin Air purifiers created a 360 degree system to draw air into the filter from every direction. This made the filter operate at a high rate of efficiency while cleaning the air faster. The 4-stage filter uses a process that removes 99.97% of contaminants as small as 0.3 microns, and 95% as small as 0.1 microns. These particles are completely invisible to the naked eye and would have to be magnified 150 times to be visible! This creates an exceptionally clean environment that promotes free breathing for the allergy or asthma sufferer!

Every Austin Air purifier features a medical grade HEPA filter, as well as activated carbon. Activated carbon has been specially manufactured and is highly porous. This Activated carbon has a large surface that is able to bind and absorb chemical impurities and noxious gases.

Some products, such as electrostatic-precipitators or ionic generators, produce toxic by-products such as ozone. Austin Air purifiers produce no by-products. Austin Air emits nothing but clean air. This is a serious difference in these products. Even a small amount of toxic ozone is dangerous to asthma sufferers. Choosing the wrong air purifier will cause needless suffering!

Austin Air purifiers are trusted and recommended by health professionals around the world. In New York City during the cleanup after 9/11 Austin Air purifiers were used. Austin Air purifiers are created with the finest construction using non-toxic paint. Care has been taken at every step of construction to produce a product capable of improving indoor air quality. The lasting result of intense product planning and safety protocols is pure air.

Austin Air purifiers are designed to create a quality living environment that helps offer relief from allergy and asthma symptoms resulting from pollens, mold spores, dust mites, dirt, and other allergens that irritate people who are sensitive to the environment. Choose the best medical grade HEPA air purifier available for your home and family. Choose Austin Air purifiers– built for families! (Article from the Clean Air Plus blog)

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