Allergy relief with the Austin Air Allergy Machine

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Finding allergy relief can be as simple as using a high quality Austin Air Allergy Machine that utilizes a specific Austin Air Filter along with the following a few guidelines for managing the source of allergies. Austin Air allergy filters combined with good housecleaning and possibly allergy medications or allergy treatment will reduce and in some cases eliminate allergy suffering. If you can cut the source of you allergy irritants, you reduce your suffering.

Sources such as dust, dust mites, pet dander, chemicals, and other household pollutants need to be managed with a plan. A very important part of your relief plan should be to first, find a good Austin Air purifier. The Austin Air Allergy Machine is the ideal air purification system for allergy sufferers. This Austin Air purifier is a high quality system that is very affordable while at the same time, exceptionally efficient in the removal of germs, bacteria, viruses, chemical sensitive particles, tobacco smoke, dust, pollen, gases, pollutants, allergens, and bothersome odors. It is also very effective at removing the harmful effects of mold and mildew! Do you live in a large city, maybe around a heavily populated area, or possibly near a manufacturing plant? Then, there is even more reason to use an Austin Air purifier.

How is this done? The Austin Air Purifiers contain the advanced features of a gas trapping military carbon cloth combined with High Efficiency Particulate Arresting (HEPA) filtration. Austin Air calls this revolutionary filtering solution High Efficiency Gas Adsorption (HEGA). This particle filtration, a new industry standard, delivers the most effective relief of symptoms for allergy and asthma sufferers. This Austin Air Purifier is so effective that the US military personnel use it to remove toxic poisons from the air.

Other Ways to Reduce Allergy Irritants

To start, there should be frequent cleaning. This starts with regularly cleaning of the carpet. Best results will be realized with dry steam cleaners. The dry steam cleaners have powerful, deep penetrating action capable of killing dust mites. Dust mites thrive in humid environments, but with a dry steam action, there is less humidity introduced into the fibers. Vacuum often, using a vacuum built with a HEPA filter capable of removing allergens. You may want to also consider cleaner agents to remove the pollutants, but make sure they are specially designed to have a minimal impact on allergy sufferers. To be on the safe side, bare floors are the best. Dust mites can’t hide and additional environmental rug pollutants are not introduced. Make sure when you are dusting that the cloth is always damp. Finally, once the house is cleaned, your Austin Air purifier will remove the particulates in the air stirred up by the cleaning.

Try not to accumulate dust gatherers such as household collectibles, stuffed animals, books and other similar items. For those that you have, occasionally clean with hot watered cloth. This is the best way of removing dust and the dust mite breeding ground. Eliminate allergens in your cloths can be simply accomplished by using soap and hot water. You also need to be diligent when selecting household cleaners because there are still many unfriendly environmental products in the market capable of causing unwanted reactions in your family members. Make sure you find the proper covers for you bed and pillow capable of building a wall the dust mites cannot penetrate. Wash your hair clean every day and make sure you and your family do not track too much of the outside dirt into the house. Try to keep the humidity down below 50%. This circulation helps combat indoor allergens when an Austin Air Purifier is used.

You should seek professional medical care. Visit you doctor to help identify and treat your allergies. This is particularly true for individuals with severe allergies. Medical specialists should help you determine the allergen triggers and allergy medication best for you.