Air Pollution Linked to Kidney Damage

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We know there is a long list of health problems caused by exposure to air pollution. From respiratory problems, to heart disease and certain types of cancer. Now scientists from the University of Michigan believe exposure to high levels of air pollution may also cause Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).

The kidneys have many functions in the body. They regulate our volume of blood, they help to control our blood pressure, they filter out waste, maintain the body’s chemical balance and play a part in red blood cell production. In short, they are vital to keep the body healthy and in balance.

According to the study results, exposure to air pollution can upset that balance. Air pollution is absorbed into our blood stream, large quantities of blood then pass through the kidneys. So it’s logical that our kidneys will be one of the first organs to feel the effects of exposure to air pollution and eventually suffer the consequences.

People with high blood pressure, obesity or heart disease are already at risk of developing CKD. If they also live in heavily polluted areas, the research team believes their chances of developing CKD is significantly higher. The team are calling for doctors to recognize this elevated risk and where possible take precautionary measures.

You may not be able to avoid polluted areas completely, but you can take steps to reduce exposure to air pollution, such as wearing a mask and limiting the time spent outdoors when pollution levels are high.

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