Air Pollution Linked to Dementia

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We have talked recently about how high levels of air pollution can impact our brains. The results of a Chinese study found that air pollution affects our intelligence. In particular, verbal skills and math ability decline over time, if we are exposed to dirty air.

In another study, this time from the University of London, the way air pollution affects our brain was further examined. The team looked at how the risk of developing dementia could be increased the more we are exposed to air pollution.

They found that exposure to pollution increases the dementia risk by 1.7%, similar to the way hypertension (high blood pressure) increases risk. There are still many unanswered questions on how air pollution affects our overall health. Is there a safe level of exposure to pollution? How long can we be exposed to pollution before it becomes dangerous? Can we recover from the effects of air pollution if we move to an area with cleaner air? There is still more work to do, more to understand. One thing we do know, the effects of air pollution on our health are dramatic. Our brains, our respiratory systems, all our major organs are affected by the quality of air we breathe.


Click here if you’d like to read the full study.