Air Pollution Effects on our Children

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 At AFP –, we investigate the impact of polluted air on our society, and especially the air pollution effects on our children. There has been some recent work on just how pollution impacts our children. As you are likely aware, as healthy children develop, their lungs grow along with the body. The most development occurs during puberty. Our children’s lungs realize a staggering growth spurt of 12% per year between the ages of 10-14. By the time they see their late teens or early twenties, this development stops. In recent years, the Children’s Health Study initiated a study on children in their crucial puberty years. Populations of children exposed to high levels of pollutants were closely monitored. Specific attention was given to test the effects of pollutants on children’s lungs. Sadly, it was determined that their lung growth was diminished by as much as 2% each year.

What does this mean? It means, over the most formidable 4 years of our children’s growth, they lose close to 10% of capacity compared to kids in low-polluted environments. This is a significant deficit in lung function. That means air pollution from diesel vehicles, car and trucks will affect your children. That means exposure to the toxic particles linked to cancer, asthma, and other diseases and conditions does impact your family. Keep your family safe with an Austin Air Purifier that reduces the effect of pollution for your children. It will greatly help to remove the pollution with its high quality Austin Air HEPA Air Filters.

The following is a clip discusses findings of the 1992 Children’s Health Study funded by the California Air Resources Board. In the study a team of University of Southern California scientists identified a large population of 5,500 children from 12 communities. They selected a variety of regions within Southern California with differing types and levels of air pollution. Over several years, the scientists kept close contact with all these children in each of these regional communities and measuring, monitoring and comparing their respiratory health. The results describing the air pollution effects on our children can be seen in the video below.

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