Like any other family, Austin Air has certain traditions which we hold dear. There is the usual, like cake in office for someone’s birthday, but one of our favorites takes place as the weather turns cold and Americans take the time to get together to celebrate with those they love in order to give thanks, eat and drink. Before the family feasts and Black Friday, Austin Air employees take part in the Annual Pre-Thanksgiving Company Potluck.


Each autumn, a sign-up sheet is passed around from department to department and employees volunteer to bring in a dish or dessert to share. There’s never any pressure every employee to sing-up because there’s always more than enough goodies to go around! Instead, it’s become an opportunity for those of us who like to cook and bake to share something special with everyone. Part of the fun is the diversity in the dishes that arrive on Wednesday – many of them won’t be found on your traditional Thanksgiving table. Some cooks try something new every year, while others have signature dishes which are crowd favorites that are welcomed each year like old friends. It’s always lovely to see Carmen’s chicken and rice! And Jai’s Thai pork rarely lasts ‘til lunchtime! As always, Austin provides the spiral honey ham.


When we began this Thanksgiving tradition over twenty years ago, the team was a lot smaller. The company has nearly tripled in size since then so, a little more work is required but the larger crowd only makes for an even more interesting menu and a better party. As time and success have made our small company feel a whole lot larger, Austin is still committed to keeping up the little customs which make the company feel more like a family. It is our wish that however you’ll be spending your Thanksgiving – with old traditions or no traditions at all – it is happy, safe, and healthy.