A special “Thank You” to our dealers

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Dear Valued Dealer,

I would personally like to thank every dealer in our network for the understanding and patience they have extended to everybody at Austin. The decision to divert a great deal of our production capacity to providing air purifiers to California was difficult but we believe necessary.

The Aliso Canyon gas leak accident was unprecedented with 1,200,000 pounds of methane spewing into the atmosphere every day. This situation became so serious that governor Jerry Brown declared a State of Emergency as thousands of families were being affected and schools were closing down.

Unfortunately, almost the entire burden of providing air purifiers fell on the shoulders of Austin Air. This happened for a couple of reasons. The first and foremost is that virtually every air purifier that had been rated by Consumer Reports and certified by AHAM was rejected by both SOCAL and the Government of California for not being able to meet the required clean air standards.

This left Austin Air as the only company able to produce and supply air purifiers for the community of Porter Ranch, California.

As of February 11, 2016, SOCAL has successfully plugged the leak. In addition to that, we are finally getting desperately needed parts and supplies. We fully expect to have caught up with all orders before the end of February.

We again thank you for your loyalty and patience.


Richard Taylor
President Austin Air Systems, Limited